Visual diary: the view from Sandwich Bluff

From the creative mind of AP3 team member Abby West.


Feb. 28: This drawing shows the view looking east from atop Sandwich Bluff towards Seymour Island, the site of our second camp. Sandwich Bluff is the main fossil site for AP3 on Vega Island. It’s very high in elevation and difficult to reach except by helicopter. Fossil penguins, in addition to some really remarkable fossil fish material, are the highlights of the Seymour Camp so far. The middle ground shows parts of James Ross Island (Ula Point, the Naze, the Dagger), and the island of Humps, separated by narrow channels choc-a-bloc with sea ice.

In the lowland joining Naze to Dagger some of our team encountered a single juvenile Adelie penguin who seemed fascinated to watch their work (from a cautious distance). Up front we see the edge of Sandwich Bluff’s southeastern flank, bearing the plesiosaur quarry site, and above, pilot Jim and the beautiful blue bird Raptor 5 appearing out of a warm, sunny blue sky. Raptor 5 is one of the two helicopters supporting our expedition. It’s pretty cool that helicopters named “Raptor” are supporting a dinosaur hunt. Very Jurassic Park!

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