Field Report: Encouraging start for science activities

Report from the field:

Science activities for AP3 are off to an encouraging start. RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer (NBP) arrived at the targeted field area, the James Ross Island Group of the northern Antarctic Peninsula, on Feb. 12, having left Punta Arenas on Feb. 8.

The next morning the team began installing our primary field camp on the western side of Cape Lamb of Vega Island, in proximity to one of our most important paleontological and geological localities, Sandwich Bluff. Unfortunately, due to the ice-choked nature of the western shore of the island, we could not establish camp as far north as we would have liked; nevertheless, Sandwich Bluff is still accessible from camp on foot. Simultaneously, a three-person team conducted a reconnaissance of Ula Point of northeastern James Ross Island, ultimately determining that the area was not sufficiently promising to merit the deployment of a field camp.


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