James Ross Island Group topo map (PGC)

Imagery copyright 2012 DigitalGlobe, Inc. Map and data provided by Cole Kelleher and Claire Porter, Polar Geospatial Center, University of Minnesota.

The AP3 has conducted two expeditions to date, in 2009 and 2011, with a third, longer expedition scheduled for February 2 to March 24, 2016. Our 2009 and 2011 expeditions were supported by National Science Foundation (NSF) grant ANT-0636639 to Ross MacPhee. Our 2016 expedition will be supported by NSF grants ANT-1142129, ANT-1142052, ANT-1142104, and ANT-1141820, to Matt Lamanna, Ross MacPhee, Pat O’Connor, and Julia Clarke, respectively.

Our primary field area has been the James Ross Island area of the northern Antarctic Peninsula, though we also conducted fieldwork in the South Shetland Islands during 2009, and will attempt to visit Robertson Island in the Seal Nunataks during 2016. The James Ross Island area includes James Ross Island itself, plus Vega, Seymour, Snow Hill, and a few other, smaller islands.

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2009 expedition | 2011 expedition | 2016 expedition