Packing and Preparations Complete. Antarctica Here We Come.

Here’s an update on the AP3 team’s progress so far.

Packing for Antarctica

On Feb. 1, members of the AP3 team left home and flew to Punta Arenas Chile. Before starting their adventure, they packed, keeping in mind weather conditions, comfort and practicalities for their stay in Antarctica. Everyone has their own special must-haves on a trip like this. Ohio University doctoral student Eric Gorscak brought along a Palmer Station vest and baseball cap, while The University of Queensland Paleontologist Steve Salisbury made sure to pack Vegemite.travel_prep

Training Preparations

The team spent several days in Chile preparing for the trip. They practiced putting up a variety of tents, from survival tents to a porta-shelter. They were also required to do cold water survival training and helicopter rigging training. Helicopters will help transport the team from the Nathaniel B. Palmer, a U.S. Antarctic Program research ship, to field camps on the Antarctic Peninsula. The team is currently on board the ship headed to Antarctica.

While in Chile, the team spent time at the US Antarctic Program’s warehouse getting outfitted for the trip and packing food. Supplies were then loaded onto the ship with cranes.prep

Heading to Antarctica

The team departed on the Nathaniel Palmer at 5 a.m. on Feb. 8 with calm seas through the Straights of Magellan and large swells as they rounded Cape Horn. The seas settled down a bit once they reached the Drake Passage. If you’d like to track the progress of the ship, visit the Marine Traffic website.

Stay tuned to hear more about the expedition. The team should arrive at their base location in Antarctica on Feb. 13.


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